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Decarbonizing Fuels & Chemicals

Our Company

CSAR Energy is a spin-off company from Université de Sherbrooke, developing and commercializing proprietary micro-reactors for the production of clean fuels and renewable chemicals.

Our company aims to decarbonize billion-dollar industries, such as transportation or the chemicals sector, by offering them a solution that is both renewable and cost-effective.


CSAR Technology

The Cold Shell Architecture Reactor (CSAR) enables renewable production of hydrogen and synthesis gas (syngas).


Our reactor relies on a unique architecture, packing several sub-processes in a monolithic block, to revalorize captured CO2 and liberate hydrogen contained in water and biomethane. The system only uses electricity to sustain a thermochemical reaction distributed over an array of reactors.


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CSAR Energy

3000 Boul. de l'Université

Sherbrooke, QC

J1K 0A5, Canada

Dino Mehanovic, M.Sc.,

President & CEO