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Our Company

CSAR Energy is a spinoff company from Université de Sherbrooke, developing and commercializing proprietary solar reactors for the production of added-value fuels.

The company will offer its renewable fuels to any sector interested in reducing GHG emissions.


CSAR Technology

The Cold Shell Architecture Reactor (CSAR) is a unique device that enables renewable production of hydrogen and synthesis gas (syngas).


The reactor is based on a novel system architecture that integrates in a monolithic block all the sub-processes necessary for methane reforming, taking advantage of commercial concentrating solar power technology to synthesize fuels at a low cost.


How it works

The developed reactor is placed on the focal line of parabolic trough solar concentrators, to reach the high temperatures required for methane reforming. The reactor itself is a long, thin structure made of elementary planar reactors that are assembled through diffusion bonding.


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Contact us

CSAR Energy

3000 Boul. de l'Université

Sherbrooke, QC

J1K 0A5, Canada

Dino Mehanovic, M.Sc.,

President & CEO


Jean-François Dufault, M.Sc.,

Vice-President & CTO